NASK / CERT Polska

NASK is an R&D unit in Poland, set up to connect Poland and the academic community to the Internet. Currently, NASK is one of the main ISPs in Poland and operator of the '.pl' country top level domain. The primary NASK group that will take part in the project is CERT Polska and will be supported by members of the NASK Research Division. The team cooperates with other IRTs from around the world and with many ISPs, banks and government institutions in Poland. It also runs ARAKIS, a nation-wide early warning system, that uses a large distributed network of sensors located in various Polish institutions to collect and analyze network activity. CERT Polska has contributed to EU funded projects, under FP5 ( and the Safer Internet Action Plan (SpotSpam and NIFC Hotline Polska). Representatives from NASK, including CERT Polska team members play active roles in cooperation with ENISA. CERT Polska also built up good cooperation with CEENET.